Because the words we use shape the way we think, when looking through the lens of the word “disabled,” we tend to think about what’s missing in a person. As a result, we often miss seeing the unique capabilities these people have. The goal of The Uniquely Abled Project is to shift the paradigm of thinking from “disabled” to “uniquely abled”.

Recognizing people as uniquely abled can make a significant difference in the lives of millions of people, in the cost of government, and in the ability of people and organizations to thrive. That’s why we are passionate about transforming the lives of uniquely abled through meaningful employment.

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I’m looking for a job

I’m uniquely abled and want to get a job.

I’m looking to hire

I’d like to hire someone with a perfect match to a job opening I have.

I’m looking to get involved

I’d like to help create more opportunities for the uniquely abled.


Please donate to The Uniquely Abled Project to spread the word of “uniquely abled,” support the establishment and operation of additional UA Academies and UA Jobs programs, and develop critical resources.

The UA Academy Program

Specialized training and placement in the manufacturing industry

In 16 weeks a UA Academy teaches young adults with high functioning autism to be entry-level CNC machinists and provides job placement support.

Click here to see a video about the Uniquely Abled Academy at Glendale Community College.

Looking for a specialized career in a high demand vocation?  The Uniquely Abled Academy teaches individuals with high functioning autism the skills needed to become a CNC machinist

Looking for a qualified, trained CNC operator with unique abilities and skills?

The UA Jobs Program

Job placement that matches the inherently unique skill-set of the uniquely abled

The Uniquely Abled Jobs program matches men and women to jobs that do not require specialized training, but are a perfect fit for their unique skillset. Typically these are repetitive tasks, tasks with objective process instructions, where they typically work alone.

Looking for a meaningful job that doesn’t require prior training?

Looking to have your repetitive jobs performed in an excellent manner?


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